Sunday, 22 November 2009

The top 3 places we have been

We love traveling, give us more spare time and more money...... and we will be doing a lot more of it. Been to many interesting places but as we both are passionate about design the choice was quite simple.

1. This came as a surprise to us as well that Los Angeles would capture our hearts and make our number 1 spot as a holiday destinations this were a city that has a lot more to offer than we originally thought when it comes to architecture, as home of Frank O Gehry and some of his masterpieces like the Walt Disney Concert hall the to die for villas in the hills, and all those shops with perfect interiors and staff along Rodeo drive. We also went to Santa Monica Beach. And had a look in one of the many thrift store that sells costumes from TV Shows and movies. For such a huge city it was surprisingly calm and relaxing. A very nice summer holiday spot with something for everyone's liking.

Here we stayed at the magnificent Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills. Rihanna had just been there a few weeks before us to open this new hotspot. How fabulous is that. See pictures above.

2. It was a tight squeeze between the top 2 destinations. San Fransisco definitively deserves a mention. We loved it here as much that we often talk about maybe making it our home for a year or two.It had that homely feel to it, not to big, not to small, not to pretentious. We loved all the sights, shopping, the combination of the different parts of the city which such different feels and atmosphere to them. We stayed both in the Kabuki in Japan town and the Mandarin Oriental in the financial district, where we stayed on the 39th floor with breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Of course we took a trip Sideways to the wine country. We strongly recommend Sanaoma (neighbor valley to Napa) as a destination on its own. We visited the Sebastini Winery.

Although we did not stay at this hotel I liked it a lot, and want to stay there next time, especially since it is just down the street from the art gallery SFMOMA, which I really loved, but unfortunately I could not get any tickets for the Frida Kahlo exhibition, as it was sold out for days. It is the St Regis Hotel, see pictures below.

3.If fancy a romantic weekend in dramatic Reykjavik, we strongly recommend the 101 Hotel, cool design, central with lovely local food, good wine and atmosphere. We actually got a really good deal through Elle Interior for the trip, when the hotel just opened in 2004. We do recommend visiting the Blue Lagoon on the way to the Airport, to re energize and pamper yourself before leaving this fantastic island of Geysers, Glaciers, Volcanoes and home to Bjork, which would be essential to have on your i pod for the journey.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Small in Japan

I came across the cutest smallest house in the middle of Tokyo by Yasuhiro Yamashita, called Reflection of Mineral.. With 45 m2 it makes a perfect compact city dwelling, with its faceted facade it looks different from every angle you view it, and challenges the way we think of modern living . The little house even has an outside area to house a small cute car. It is not only Sushi and Sake that are hot these days, Japanese Architecture has been for a while and is still among the most creative and boundary breaking in the World. I hope that we can embrace the new Japanese way of city living also in Europe, I would not mind living in a house like that in Oslo. By the way, Tokyo is on my must go list.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Amazing photos

These fantastic photos are taken by American based British photographer Nick Brandt . I will add the amazing portraits to my wish list and maybe a safari as well : )

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I want to go to Cocoa Island now......

I look everywhere for inspiration to my work and life. I came over this hotel in the last issue of Conde Nast Traveller. I instantly fell in love with it and want to go there now! Give me more holiday and more money!

It has 23 beautiful rooms, the suites are situated in cabins that is situated on poles above the water and looks like the local fishing boats. The bedrooms are light, airy in natural colours and materials. Cocoa Island hotel is owned and designed by Christina Ong, with architecture by Cheong Yew Kuan.

If you want to go there as well, look up Cocoa Island Hotel by Como Hotels and Resorts.

Ps: Maybe you will find me there...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Big Mama in Apartment

We want this apartment now..... We are currently looking for a
flat exactly like this one with nice wooden floors and furniture
to go with it... Here you see Northernlighting newest addition
Big Mama, it looks really nice here. We like!